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World of Wellness (WOW) was started by a couple that was looking to diversify from their logistics business started 20 years go. The founder had access to farms in Peru that could supply fresh superfood produce which was the main reason they decided to launch a new superfood consumer brand, with a focus on health and wellness.

Piquant sat down with the founders to understand their goals and plans, current resources and products that they intend to manufacture. The goal was to identify the brand’s positioning, differentiation strategy, craft a new brand name and corporate identity that resonated with its target segment.


A consumer research was conducted, targeting 1000 respondents in Singapore. The objective of the survey was to understand the awareness, perception, consumer behaviour towards superfood. This helped identity the receptivity towards healthy eating and superfoods so as to evaluate the customer segments and market opportunities.

wow strategy

The research came back with insightful findings that helped WOW identify their product launch roadmap. Due to Covid-19, there was also a growing market opportunity as more people are willing to eat healthy. We found out that education and promotion is key for ‘buy-in’ in the Superfood category which will be the drivers for the brand’s marketing strategies. Through the insights gathered, we sat down together with the team to map out the business roadmap and align the brand strategy.

The name World of Wellness was crafted from the beliefs of the founders to offer products that achieve a healthy mind, body and soul to improve the quality of life. With the aim of making superfood products accessible, affordable and easily incorporated into your daily life, WOW’s products benefits consumes overall well-being. Along with that, as there were a range of products and a potential of future product extension, we crafted the brand architecture for WOW’s current and future product offerings.


The design concept focused on bringing out the brand’s promise and personality traits of a natural, safe, trusted and passionate brand. To align with the name WOW, we used bright and attractive colours that evoked the positive and dynamic energy of the brand that inspires consumers to lead a happy, healthier lifestyle.


From the logo concept, we crafted the packaging designs for the freeze-dried as well as superfood range. Each range was designed with the consideration of the profile of target audience as well as sales channels and product placement, whilst keeping designs vibrant, energetic and minimalistic.

To support their channel strategy, Piquant assisted in the development of their corporate presentation deck to retailers that mapped out WOW’s go-to-market strategies. We also created their website that was aligned to the brand identity system.



WOW’s overall brand and verbal identity encompasses its key message of advocating holistic wellness that starts from the basics of eating right. This can be achieved in a natural, easy and convenient manner with a daily scoop of World of Wellness.