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Visionnaires Capital is a financial advisory firm that offered services such as capital advisory and M&A. They were having difficulty defining their business proposition because the term “financial advisory” was commonly used in different sectors thus they did not know how to differentiate themselves.


To craft Visionnaires proposition, we undertook industry, competitor and customer research to gather insights and aligned customer needs to industry offerings. With the company’s vision and goals in mind, we crafted a Brand & business roadmap for Visionnaires. Thee big idea for Visionnaires Capital was to utilise the term Growth Capital to define their standing in the financial advisory industry. We crafted the main essence “Crafting Growth Capital for Visionaries” for the brand.

To relate better to their customers, we proposed a proposition that highlighted the brand’s strengths of track record, along with visuals that portrayed a modern, vibrant look to bring out the energy and passion of the people behind the business.


Inspired by a handshake, that derived from the brand promise of “We close the deal”, the logo was designed. Strong, clean lines coming together to form a “V”, illustrates the qualities of tenacity and skill showcasing how the firm helps clients achieve goals and objective while the V serves as a brand recall to the firm’s name.

As for the font, a logomark and logotype was applied with specific rounded corners to soften the overall look and feel, while reinstating Visionaires Capital’s approachable brand personality.

The Azure blue signify stability, calmness and richness, hence bringing out the assuring and professional qualities of Visionaire. As we unfold the brand, all elements relates back to the essence and values of the business.

We applied the same consistency across its corporate stationary, namecards and was tasked to take over their website development and creation.


With a refreshed identity, Visionnaire Capital increased their client conversion rate by 25% by establishing a clearer proposition and value. They also managed to attract new talents to their business to support their growth.