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The Law Society of Singapore came to Piquant to help introduce their new dispute resolution schemes that they aimed to educate the public about settling disputes out of court.

The existing resources that the department had were the technical procedures of each of the schemes they had. The goal was to create new content that the department could use for marketing purposes that could educate consumers the benefits and support that Law Soc could provide.

As this scheme was created and managed by the Law Society, we had to follow the corporate identity guidelines of the parent company to ensure consistency in this new set of collaterals. We looked at the brand architecture of the parent brand, set guidelines and created a sublogo for the scheme.


Piquant started off with an in depth Q&A session with the department to understand the causes of disputes, misconceptions, solutions offered and entire dispute resolution process. With an understanding of the ins and outs of the scheme, Piquant put forth recommendations on the best manner to structure the content that focused on the readers needs.

With valuable inputs from the department to simplify technicalities yet keeping the appropriate terms, the final content was structured concisely, using pointers and tables to explain when, how and what dispute resolution is and how the law society’s schemes could help.


We created a main marketing brochure that could be used online and offline at events and their office. To give a simple introduction of the schemes to Law Society’s members, we also created an infographic to give an overview of the schemes via EDM. The infographic was strategised to communicate the schemes through a scenario basis that is relatable to individuals and companies.


The department received multiple compliments on the content and design of the new brochure that was given out during their events and overseas trips.