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Lavish has always been the underdog of the premium catering segment in Singapore, curating exquisite experiences that only discerning group of clients heard of.

With a goal to grow the business and claim a positioning of the market leader in the premium catering segment. Lavish embarked on a rebranding project.


Piquant started by aligning the management with realistic goals and understood the operations, people, resources, thinking and beliefs that enabled them to deliver such premium experiences.

We also spoke to their clients, industry partners and employees to gather perceptions of the brand to evaluate the key factors that differentiated Lavish from the rest.

The thorough analysis of the competition and customer’s gave rise to a new value proposition for lavish as a caterer with deep passion, reliability and exclusivity.



The best representation of the three values was marked by a flame of excellence in its logo.
It serves as the guiding light that redefines catering.

From the new tagline, logo, corporate stationary, van decal, packaging, sticker decal, website creation to following through with their marketing strategy and campaign, we transformed the brand out from the past and redefined the catering experience.

We supported LAVISH through the initial phase of the new rebrand, where we worked together to manage the digital touchpoints, campaigns, partnerships and corporate launches.


Lavish clinched the Caterer of the Year 2017 award by World Gourmet Summit. The brand ventured into new corporate segments such as fashion and finance. Lavish was also acquired by Neo Group and now fronts the bespoke catering segment of the establishment. We were glad to revive a dated brand towards an acquisition.