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In our newly launched blog series, we are proud to present Piquant’s thought leadership on current topics. In these articles, we discuss industry trends, consumer behaviour and marketing tips that are relevant to business owners. Here at Piquant, we are set on inspiring and spurring you towards improving your business.

The Power Of Purposeful brands

2020 will be a memorable year for many of us. The COVID-19 global pandemic that is literally shutting down the world is leaving businesses and consumers in distraught. With an economic depression expected, the mindset that many of us will have to adopt is the...

6 steps that make your brand relevant to customers

The business landscape is getting highly competitive as many companies are struggling to survive, especially with technology disruption and ecommerce taking over. With our decade of experience engaging with businesses, we found most companies struggling to describe themselves succinctly enough to have customers or clients...

How to build a brand that your customers love

Why are customers loyal to some brands and not others? What do businesses need to do to retain their customers? This is a common question that many business owners ask themselves. Customer loyalty is not achieved overnight. It is an ongoing effort from the brand that...