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[ pee-kahnt ]
A sharp and stimulating flavour

Made up of a team of down-to-earth professionals on a mission to help brands stay relevant, we believe that creating successful brands start from insights with research backed go-to-market strategies. Developing a strong go-to-market strategy enable brands to deliver their unique value proposition to customers and achieve competitive advantage in today’s technological backdrop.

Our boutique operations keep things functioning in its optimum capacity where the best ideas, strategies and designs are conceptualized over Kopi, Teh Bing and Bubble Tea.

Each projects is managed and executed by the key people behind the business. And supporting us is a team of advisors, researchers, designers, storytellers and developers, who are specialist in their role. Together, we believe in working hand in hand with our clients, collaborating and achieving milestones for greater success.



Insights & Strategy

Celestine is a practicing management consultant (PMC) with over 10 years’ experience in branding, research and strategy. Through insights, she has been crafting successful brand strategies for big and small businesses in multiple industries.


Client Servicing & Strategy

A veteran with over twenty years of brand communication convergence skills, Hamzah works closely with clients as a co-brand custodian to achieve brand outreach and growth. An advocator of change, he believes in integrating new and traditional media to achieve business success.


Go-To-Market & Strategy

Leanne has over 10 years’ experience building brands both locally and regionally. Her experience in managing brands spans across the lifestyle, corporate, arts and hospitality sector and as a FMCG professional, she has led consumer brand launches and campaigns across retail and marketing communication channels.


Project & Brand Management

Jasreen is a brand project manager at Piquant. Her work lies in ideation, strategic planning, and managing the delivery and execution of all projects. She has successfully planned and launched campaigns and creative work for SMEs and MNCs.


UX UI & Design

With over 20 years in the creative industry, Mae has managed a team of designers and oversees projects including photography, UXUI and digital media. Collaborating closely with product managers and developers through storyboards, process flows and sitemaps, Mae’s creative development and art direction has successfully helped clients to not only boost their capabilities, but also to enhance their creative and digital presence.


Digital Transformation
& Web Development

Overseeing the brand identity and web teams in Piquant, Keith integrates distinctive brand identity with smart digital visual solutions. html may be his first language, but he believes great design often complements technological and digital transformations for SMEs and MNCs.

We help brands stay relevant,
and believe that creating successful brands start from insights
with research backed go-to-market strategies

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