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“Why zig, when you can zag?”
With almost a decade of experience in branding, reimagining B2B and B2C business models, entering new markets and scaling new businesses from scratch, Piquant was founded by three ex-management consultants, who asked themselves, “Why zig, when you can zag?”
Unwavering in their desire to deliver brands that deliver, together with a committed team, our founders derive satisfaction from tangibilizing brand strategy into actual brand assets.


Piquant is made up of a team of down-to-earth dreamers. Where the best ideas, strategies and designs are conceptualized over Kopi, Teh Bing and Bubble Tea. Made up of researchers, project managers, strategists, designers, storytellers and web developers, we believe in working hand in hand with our clients, collaborating and achieving milestones together.
Piquant Ideas Branding Agency


In food context, piquant is a flavour that is sharp and tart. And in the brand consultancy context, piquant means stimulating conversations, thought provoking ideas and attractive designs.


From branding, logo or packaging design all the way to marketing, Piquant promises effective solutions that solve your business problems. Brought to you by a caring and committed team that constantly strives to deliver on time and on target.